Delivering practical, cost-effective solutions to the pension administration business.

Our resources can support projects from small to very large. Our most successful targets are projects where we can leverage our automation capabilities to generate efficiencies over larger populations of work
Client Sizes:
Large: 60,000 +
Mid: 20,000 - 60,000
Small: under 20,000
Project Type Client Industry Client Size Project Size
(#of Calcs)
Union contract changes Auto Large 120,000
Early retirement window Auto Large 60,000
Annual benefit statements Auto Large 14,000
  Health Small 15,000
- Prior disability retirees Auto Large 9,000
- Plan rule changes / data updates Health Small 1,500
Manual calculations (plan freeze) Mfg Large 11,000
  Finance Mid 10,000
  Auto Mid 5,000
Cost of living adjustment Oil Mid 14,000
On-going calculation support      
- 100% audit Auto Large 3,000 / month
- Manual calculation processing Auto Large 600 / month
  Oil Mid 250 / month
Annual valuation file Health Small 20,000
Audit spreadsheet rebuild Mfg Large N/A